Grip Places Converts Customers Into Fans

Every place is the perfect place for someone.

We do the work of matching up those people and places, by creating a smarter way to get everyone connected.

With Grip Places, stop losing potential customers to unreliable star ratings and start acquiring and building relationships with your loyal fans. Grip Places lets people see your best side by focusing on people who will love your business, and with live video feeds and unique, personalized recommendations, Grip Places eliminates star ratings entirely. Think of Grip as the app that only has 5-star ratings. Because when people find the places they love, everyone is happy.

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Grip Places App Features


Your customers can see what’s for brunch, lunch, happy hour, or dinner within the Grip Places app, and view images, pricing, and nutritional information in an easy-to-read interface.


Show your customers your unique vibe so they know what to expect and stand out from the competition with featured live streams in the Grip Places app. 


Grip Places app users can simply choose your location and then call a ride straight from the app with Lyft and Uber integration.


A name and a few pictures don’t tell the whole story – Grip Places app users can search by vibe, your offerings, and amenities to match with your specific location.


We’re swapping out star ratings for smart suggestions. We collect basic preferences and learn from what places poeople like so we can recommend similar places or offerings based on each individuals unique taste and not subjective ratings and reviews.

I’m Gettin’ a Vibe Here…

One of the elements that makes the Grip Places experience so valuable is our “Vibe” matching system. We use live cameras, restaurant reports, customer reports, and other data to deliver highly personalized suggestions. No more decisions based on unreliable 1-star to 5-star reviews.

Grip Places live streaming cameras are a fantastic way to show your vibe and inspire the right kinds of customers to show up.

How Grip Works

It takes less than 10 minutes to setup your location in Grip Places. Simply provide your business name, address, phone, website, hours, vibes, amenities, and cuisines, and Grip Places will take care of the rest. We believe that every place is the right place for someone, and we can find your someones with just that little amount of data. Of course, enhancements like menus and live video will alwyas make the matching even better!

Once your location is live in the Grip Places app, we immediately start learning who your people are. When people like establishments, we get to know them. From these patterns we are able to find the people who will love the experience you provide. We don’t collect or show star ratings because we only send you 5-star people.

Get Started for Free

Grip Places is always free to showcase your locations in the Grip app. Share your vibes, amenities, offerings, food/drink menus and start increasing your visibility today.

One free camera and install


optional upgrades available

One free live streaming camera and install with zero monthly fees. You always get unlimited location management for increased visibility within the Grip Places app. Our restaurant and bar friendly app (no negative and subjective star ratings) will will show your location’s best side with our mission to increase your visibility, increase traffic, and increased your ROI. It’s free to join and you have nothing to lose.

  • One free live streaming camera including install.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Claim and manage all your locations to display in the Grip Places app.
  • Manage location vibes, amenities, cuisines and offerings.
  • Set custom or google images to each location.
  • Create customizable food or drink menus to display within the Grip Places app with custom QR code access to patrons from within your location.

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Supercharge your visibility


Per additional camera

Maximize your visibility in the Grip Places app with multiple cameras to show off your unique vibe. Additionally you will receive invaluable A.I. driven smart analytics with demographics, customer traffic, and more.

  • Each add-on camera streaming service is $59 / month

    Add Additional cameras to a location that has the initial free camera setup. Additional cameras are great for locations that have more than one main area (dining, patio, bar, dance floor, etc).

  • Additional cameras show more of your amenities, offerings, and unique vibe.

  • Additional camera feeds allow potential customers to choose your location over competitors.

  • Video analytics insights into your traffic and customer demographics so you can market more effectively or make necessary internal changes.

  • Group Pricing Available

    Contact sales for group pricing and annual terms.