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Why doesn't Grip do "star ratings" like everyone else?

We strongly believe that guest opinions don’t translate well to your typical 1 to 5 star rating scale. For example, it’s not fair for your business to receive a 1-star review because someone had to wait 30 minutes for a table during the brunch rush.

How does Grip help find the right guests for my business?

Using the ‘vibes’ description that you input into the Grip platform, coupled with actual customer feedback, Grip is able to do some magic matchmaking to show people the businesses that match their specific preferences. Got a lively vibe? We’ll present your restaurant as an option to those customers who have stated that they like that type of thing.

How can Grip help my business grow?

Once you have signed up, Grip makes it very easy to run promotions/discounts, curate a detailed profile, and even run menu specials to help bring guests in the door. We’ll help you track which promotions work for you, and which ones don’t, and offer tips and tricks to get the most out of the powerful Grip platform.

Why should I use Grip over making my own app?

Building and managing a great app is difficult. Grip’s team has decades of experience building world class applications and we’re dedicated to constantly evolving to help your business get discovered.

What is the cost?
Grip is always free to join, add and manage locations to increase your visibility within our app. You can upgrade with streaming cameras and data insights. See our pricing page for details.
Do the cameras violate consumer privacy?
No. Facial-Blurring technology has been implemented into our product. All faces of patrons the live stream function will be blurred out. No identities are exposed. Additionally, cameras are installed at a birds-eye view angle to showcase the vibe of the business rather than focusing on individuals. Lastly, the cameras will provide a 15 second clip on the app and refreshes every 10 minutes. Our goal is not to be invasive, only to showcase the vibe and atmosphere of your establishment.
Are cameras able to serve as a security camera service as well?
No. Grip Places does not and will not double as a security service. We do not record any video, only live stream as it’s own individual service. Facial blurring also prohibits our cameras from being used to identify faces in a ‘security’ circumstance.
Do the cameras record?
No. Grip cameras do not store camera feeds, but rather execute facial blurring and then send the encrypted (secure) video clip up to the cloud where we then present it to app users. They are Live-Stream Only, sending 15 second clips taht refresh every 10-30 minutes.
Am I able to use my current security cameras to live stream though the app?
No. We must provide you with the specific camera that will need to be installed, in addition to a special video ‘controller’ (like a mini computer) with our proprietary facial blurring technology installed. Only our cameras are capable of blurring faces, encrypting the video, and sending it to our servers.
Are the cameras hardwired or Wi-Fi?
Hard-wired. Our cameras cannot be connected via wi-fi due to security reasons. Wifi is a common security vulnerability and can be exploited by educated attackers.
Do I have ability to turn cameras on and off?
Yes. Business Owners/Operators have full autonomy over when cameras are on/off to the public on the app. When cameras are not live streaming they will still be collecting 100% anonymized, secure data for your business. Cameras also turn off automatically according to your business hours that are set in our system, so you don’t need to babysit the cameras either.
What data points are available ?
There are 3 types of data: App Data|User Data|Camera Data all rolled into 1 reporting system in your portal. Contact Sales for more details.
How do I access the Data?
We will create an account and login for your business(es) and you’ll have access to a portal that provides all of your data, reporting and other Grip features. Our data offerings continue to evolve, so please reach out to discuss what’s possible today and what is coming soon.
Am I able to access camera data without a camera installed?
No – camera data is not collected/provided unless cameras are installed. However, you are able to create an account for free with vibes/amenities/offerings, a digital menu (Free QR Code) and ‘claim your business’ on Grip Places that will enhance your discoverability to users. Even without cameras, Grip can provide valuable app data in an anonymized way to give you a better sense for what users are saying about your establishment to help you attract the right customers and grow your business.
How many users do you have?
Contact Sales for current user figures. Grip Places is growing every day and will be expanding into new markets on a regular basis.

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